Meet the Team

Eamonn Egan (CEO)



As CEO of Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics groups of companies, Eamonn is the brainchild behind the businesses overseeing all aspects.


When building Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics in Sydney the aim was to deliver a wine storage facility in Australia that would exceed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) standards. The vision was to create a specialised facility that would maintain the integrity of the product through optimum standards and innovative technology, appeal to wine trade and private collectors, and enable clients to on-sell their wines, should they so desire.


This was achieved by building a 12°C climate controlled warehouse with 55-75% relative humidity, using cloud-based wine management software and providing a fully integrated logistic solution for trade customers.


Having now set up Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics in the UK, Eamonn will also open a wine storage facility in Hong Kong in the coming months.


With more than 20 years’ experience in wine and hospitality, this Irishman first cut his teeth in hotel management at Dublin’s historic Shelbourne Hotel. From there, Eamonn moved to the Royal Festival Hall, Wembley Stadium and Lords Cricket Ground in London where he managed dinners for up to 2500 people with a spend of more than one million pounds per event.

Immigrating to Australia in 1994, Eamonn kicked off his career in Sydney, looking after corporate members at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium. With more than 600 staff and a turnover of $2million per day, Eamonn acquired valuable experience managing large scale logistical operations, as well as developing a love of Australian wine.

In 1996 the SCG Ladies Stand was approaching its 100 year anniversary and Eamonn was asked to investigate the design and build of a wine cellar in the Members Dining Room. Discovering a lack of expertise in the cellar design industry, this process inspired Eamonn to design more innovative cellars, setting his career on a new path for the next decade.

Eamonn began custom designing private cellars, and as word spread the business snow-balled from there. He has designed hundreds of cellars, including $500,000 ultimate celebrity cellars complete with bullet proof glass and biometric technology. Building around 35 cellars a year, Eamonn has collaborated with well-known architects such as Alex Popov, Luigi Rosselli and Alex Tzannes. His award-winning designs have even been featured on programs such as Burke’s Backyard and Amazing Homes with Deborah Hutton in 2009.

Looking for a new challenge he founded Cellar Link in 2008 and opened online stores in Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Recognising the importance of integrated software, Eamonn also set up Wine In Cloud Software Solutions Pty Ltd which developed the Wine Management Portal™ software that enables clients to ‘virtually’ manage wine in Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics warehouses.

When not at Artisan Global 3PL Beverage Logistics, Eamonn enjoys getting out on Sydney’s stunning waterways on his boat, or relaxing with a glass of Bass Phillip Pinot Noir.

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